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    Companies can use CRM software to move the needle on their marketing, sales, and customer touchpoints

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    Increasing efficiency leads to a more streamlined customer experience, which increases customer satisfaction.


CRM software connects both people and departments and gets everyone on the same page, which creates more overall efficiency in the organization.

CRM software provides a competitive edge by allowing more tasks to be automated. Automation reduces excess expenditure but also prevents the repetition of a particular task by different people. It's about simplification and clear communication between all aspects of the business. All of which moves the needle towards increased growth and profitability.


Access to more customer data means more effective, targeted marketing. Clear data analytics means more informed marketing decisions. Maybe your CRM system tracks client location and you realize that your clients tend to reside in a certain geographic area. You can then narrow your marketing to within this area. Or perhaps marketing emails are opened more in the afternoon than in the morning, so you send more emails in the afternoon. It's all about incorporating the information you gain into your overall marketing strategy.


Tracking sales and sales leads seems obvious, but many companies either fail to track this information or fail to put the information to use. Maybe you know how many sales you made, but how many hours went into those sales? How much profit comes out of them? For example, one $100,000 sale may seem more appealing and feel more exciting than ten $10,000 sales, but once you track the data you may realize that the smaller sales are actually far more profitable.

The other benefit of CRM software on sales is that you can observe the customer relationship as it matures through various phases. Perhaps your focus is on bringing in new clients, but once you start tracking the data it becomes clear that you also need to put more focus on client retention. Once you start tracking this information you can provide better customer service.

Customer Touchpoints
The goal of CRM software and your marketing strategy is to increase and improve customer engagement.

CRM software allows your company to better track and understand customer touchpoints. Customer touchpoints are a key aspect of customer engagement. If you're looking to increase the number and quality of engagement points, you need to understand what you're doing now and how to improve. You can then use this information to inform your marketing strategy and move the needle. You want to move the needle. We want to help. Let's talk.

CRM Software can be a great benefit to any marketing strategy. Lets talk about moving your company's needle by creating and implementing a comprehensive data driven marketing strategy.

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