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    A content audit may help you figure out which existing content is moving the needle and which content needs to be updated, replaced, or removed.


No matter how perfect your content calendar, SEO, or target audience research – if you don't have content that your audience will engage with and find valuable, you're not going to move the needle. If you have a large amount of existing content but don't know whether or not it's moving the needle, a content audit may be in order.

It helps maximize your return on investment (ROI) by making sure that all your marketing efforts are focused on purposeful and engaging content.

A content audit should tie into and support your marketing strategy. It allows you to make the most of the resources you have, whether they be video, photo, podcast, graph, etc.

If your content isn't moving the needle, you can update, replace, or remove it.

Every piece of your content should be helping you move the needle. That sounds nice, but how do you know if your content is working? When completing your content marketing audit the following questions can help:

  • What do you have?
  • What are you missing?
  • How is each piece performing?
  • Is each piece in line with your comprehensive data-driven marketing strategy?
  • How does the content add value?
  • How does this piece help the customer?
  • How does this piece help you?
  • Does the tone of the content match your brand image?

A content audit may sound time consuming, but one cannot expect to move the needle with content that isn't supporting your marketing strategy? Making sure you're getting the most out of every piece of content will increase your ROI – which means you'll be moving the needle even further. Want to learn more? Let's talk.

Content Marketing is part of a marketing strategy. Lets talk about moving your company's needle by creating and implementing a comprehensive data driven marketing strategy.

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