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    If your site doesn't currently rank well, customers will have a hard time finding it and you'll have a hard time moving the needle.

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    Improving your SEO often involves using keywords, considering the type of content you provide, and adding links.


The goal of SEO is to get your message to customers and potential customers. Creating quality content is the best way to do this. But how is "quality" defined? Here are a few guidelines that search engines use to determine the quality of a webpage.


By using the words people will search for in your content you'll improve your SEO.

The search terms people use are called keywords. This doesn't mean you should awkwardly fit as many keywords into the content as possible to the detriment of its readability. Instead, you should make sure you use plenty of synonyms in your content. Not everyone will use the exact same keywords, so make sure you create content that search engines will deliver no matter which keywords people use.

Type of Content
There are a few ways to improve the content on your website, all of which go back to creating a site that customers will find useful.

Reducing unnecessary, repetitive content and ensuring your pages have enough length are two ways to improve the quality of your content. Another way to improve content is to include videos. Videos are becoming more popular than text and they encourage consumers to stay on your site longer and engage more. Make sure to present what people want in the format that they want. Speaking of keeping people on your site, don't forget to have content customers actually want to read. If people leave your site quickly, that means the content is not resonating with them. If content isn't resonating with people, you should ask yourself if it's because your message is not in line with your overall marketing strategy, or if your marketing strategy needs to be updated.

Links are about the roadmap of the customer journey.

How do they come to your site? Where do they want to go in your site? Where do they want to go outside of your site which lends more credibility to your site? A good SEO strategy considers all of these different types of links and provides more options for your customers. Speak with Quantics to learn how you can improve your SEO. Let's talk and move your Company's needle.

SEO Optimization is part of a marketing strategy. Let us talk about moving your company's needle by working together to create and implement a comprehensive data driven marketing strategy.

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