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    SEO is about reaching and engaging with your target. Different geographic targets require different strategies.

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    As your business grows, you'll need to tweak or sometimes completely change your marketing strategy, and that includes updating your SEO strategy.


Local and national SEO are two different things. Understanding how they differ and where you fit in can improve your SEO strategy.

Local SEO Optimization

Local SEO is about figuring out where your target customers live, appealing to those customers, and establishing yourself as part of the local community.

Let' say you have a physical location, such as a coffee shop in Atlanta. When someone in Atlanta searches "coffee" you want to come up. If someone in L.A. searches for "coffee" there's no reason for you to show up in that search. Local SEO allows you to focus on customers in your area as opposed to competing for rankings with every coffee shop in the country (or even the world). These days, it's rare for consumers to wander into stores. Most purchases are searched for online first. The good news for local SEO is that people that find your site are highly likely to visit you in-person that same day.

National SEO Optimization
Since national SEO optimization involves competing against a much larger field, you'll have to consider how to roll out your national strategy, what you hope to gain, and what's realistic.

Let's say you're that same Atlanta coffee shop from the example above, but it's a few years later. Business is booming and you've begun shipping your coffee across the country. Now, your marketing strategy needs to include both local and national elements. So,when someone in Atlanta searches "coffee" and someone in L.A. searches "coffee" you now want to come up in both results. Going from a local market to a national market requires a marketing strategy that makes sure revenues increases, customer engagement is high, and the reputation of the company is good. Just because your company is growing doesn't mean you should stop trying to move the needle. Wondering if you need to update your SEO approach? Let's talk.

SEO Optimization is part of a marketing strategy. Let us talk about moving your company's needle by working together to create and implement a comprehensive data driven marketing strategy.

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