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A great social media strategy requires creating a plan, maintaining a consistent brand identity, and keeping customer satisfaction in mind. Every social media decision should be made with the goal of supporting your comprehensive marketing plan. It seems like every business uses social media for marketing. And there's a good reason for that. When used to support your marketing strategy, social media offers a lot of unique opportunities. But if you want to move the needle, you have to consider a few important points to ensure that social media decisions are supporting your comprehensive marketing strategy.

You Need a Plan

You can pour an almost limitless amount of time and money into it and still not now if it's moving the needle.

Social media is a rabbit hole that's easy to fall down. But there's an easy way to avoid this pitfall – make a plan. Before you ever start marketing on social media, understand exactly how you'll use it to move the needle. What are your goals? How will social media drive engagement? Who is your target audience? The only way to move the needle is to have a social media marketing plan that supports your overall, data-driven marketing plan.

Maintain Consistent Brand Identity
Different platforms provide you with different opportunities, but your identity should remain the same.

Understanding the nuances of each platform is helpful. Though the content you choose to post may need to be tweaked for each platform, you should still maintain a consistent brand identity across all platforms. That way, every piece you post will support the goals of your overall marketing strategy and help your business move the needle.

Always Keep Customer Satisfaction in Mind
If your content comes across as too spam-y or overly pushy, customers and potential customers may become irritated.

If used right, social media can be a great tool for driving customer satisfaction. Create content that customers actually want to see and engage with. This can actually have a negative effect on your brand identity and, therefore, your overall marketing strategy. Could your company benefit from social media marketing? Let's talk.

A social media strategy is part of an overall marketing strategy. Lets talk about moving your company's needle by creating and implementing a comprehensive data driven marketing strategy.

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