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Key Points

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    Maintaining a great website that moves the needle requires periodic reviews and updates.

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    Some items you should be doing regularly, and some are only necessary once a year, at most.


If you've created a great website, congratulations! But for it to stay great, you'll have to maintain it. Here's a checklist of which maintenance items to do and when.

Annual Checklist

The tough part about this one is that what your customers want may not always be the same thing.
  • Check your links Check your links To make sure they still work – this should be part of your annual review, but you should also review more often. Broken links looks bad and cause visitors to give up and go to another site
  • No issues with any website Make sure there are no issues with any website forms for example, if you have a form to collect email addresses from visitors.
  • Checkout process Go through the process and make sure everything works exactly as it should. There's no better way to lose sales then to make checkout difficult.
  • Check your backups You should be backing up all your info but don't just assume you can easily access it. Make sure all information is actually retrievable.
When Relevant

Review website metrics – when anomalies pop up make sure the issues are not coming from a problem with the website. For example, if online sales drastically drop, you should review the checkout process for any potential problems. Marketing strategy - whenever you make changes to your marketing strategy, you should check to ensure that your website still supports your marketing goals.

  • Bug fixes/security updates Whenever fixes or updates are available you should take advantage of them. Otherwise, you are putting the information of your customer's in jeopardy.
  • Remove old data Anything that is no longer is necessary should be promptly removed from the website.
  • Up to date contact information Outdated contact information appears incredibly unprofessional and will almost certainly cause you to lose clients.
Your website is a reflection of your business. If something about your business changes, your website likely needs to change, too.

Any time you make a major business update, you should think about how it effects your marketing strategy and if you need to update your website. Let's Talk about how our marketing strategy can move your company's needle.

A website is an integral part of any marketing strategy. Lets talk about moving your company's needle by creating and implementing a comprehensive data driven marketing strategy.

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