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    Social media marketing is the practice of using one or more social media platforms to help you achieve your overall marketing goals.

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    A few of the unique opportunities that social media offers is the ability to engage with customers, handle negative feedback, and build both brand awareness and brand authority.


Social media marketing involves creating and sharing content on social media platforms that move the needle on your long-term marketing goals. The social media umbrella is large; covering everything from Facebook to LinkedIn to Snapchat. Since billions of people now use social media, it can be a great tool to increase customer engagement, drive sales, and increase profitability.

Three Major Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Engaging with Customers

Your social media approach should be about more than simply pushing out content, it should help your business connect with people.

Social media was created so that people could connect and engage with each other. It's a great way for your company to engage with customers. You can get conversations going, connect faces to names, and really build the brand and narrative of your business. Social media allows you to show your personality. If you really want to drive customer engagement, remember that social media is a two-way street. Content that seems pushy or inauthentic will turn customers off and diminish the brand value.On the other hand, engaging content will move the needle by increasing brand loyalty and driving sales.

Handling Negative Feedback
Though it may sound like a bad thing to have negative feedback out there for the world to see, it is in fact, a great opportunity.

Yes, this is a benefit. No matter how great your business is, you simply can't make everyone happy all the time. Social media provides customers with an outlet for voicing negative feedback. You have an opportunity to proactively address issues. You can change that unhappy customer's experience from a negative to a positive. Whether it's acknowledging the customer's concerns, providing a refund, disseminating information, or something else entirely, you have an opportunity to keep your business from losing a recurring customer. Also, you build a positive brand image.

Customers will forgive and even look more highly upon a company that acknowledges its mistakes and swiftly and openly take steps to fix them.
Building Brand Awareness and Increasing Brand Authority
Social media can both increase brand awareness and brand authority.

For example, if your company sponsored an event or employees volunteered together on a Saturday morning, you could post something on Instagram. This could help build brand awareness. People see employees representing your company in a positive way and they end up with a more positive image of your business and your brand. You could also use LinkedIn to share a link to an interview your CEO recently did or piece from your blog that customers may find informative. People could see these LinkedIn posts and it could increase the feeling that your company was an authority in its field. It's all about leveraging social media in such a manner that supports your overall marketing strategy.

How could you use social media to move the needle? Let's talk and find out.
A social media strategy is part of an overall marketing strategy. Lets talk about moving your company's needle by creating and implementing a comprehensive data driven marketing strategy.

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