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    There are two ways to improve SEO – one follows the guidelines and one tries to deceive search engines. Though you may see SEO improve more quickly by using deceptive practices, the results are often short-lived and come with some major consequences.


There are two overarching SEO strategies – white hat and black hat SEO. White hat SEO uses accepted strategies, while black hat SEO uses deceptive techniques to produce quick results. White hat SEO is about

White Hat SEO

White hat SEO works to improve the relevancy and reputability of your site.

Since all SEO is about changing your site to improve the chances of the right people viewing it, it may not at first be clear how the two strategies differ. A helpful way to think about it is by remembering the main goal of SEO. Search engines are trying to determine how relevant and reputable your site is. Black hat SEO has no desire to improve the site, it instead attempts to take advantage of loopholes. It's all about the intention. People using white hat strategies want to make the best possible site for their target audience. Those using black hat strategies are only interested in short term gains to the detriment of the long-term growth.

Black Hat SEO
Black hat is a deceptive technique to manipulate search engines into thinking a site is more popular than it really is or that it serves people in a way that it actually doesn't.

It works by exploiting loopholes to improve ranking quickly and with little effort. Examples of black hat strategies that have been specifically prohibited include keyword stuffing (filling pages with unnecessary keywords), becoming involved in link schemes (buying links), and including invisible text on your pages (so bots can read the text, but people cannot). Like most tricks to get around the system, you may prosper for a short time, but it usually ends up catching up with you.

When search engines update their algorithms, black hat strategies will no longer work, while white hat strategies will be immune to algorithm changes.

A good marketing strategy requires white hat SEO. Short-lived results also end up costing you more, since you have to constantly update your website.

The other issue is that black hat SEO hurts your brand image.

People will come to your site and become irritated by content that isn't useful. So, even though it may increase traffic, it can hurt revenue. Speak with us to learn more about building long term strategies to move the needle.

SEO Optimization is part of a marketing strategy. Let us talk about moving your company's needle by working together to create and implement a comprehensive data driven marketing strategy.

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