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    More people now access the internet from their mobile devices than from their desktops.

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    If your site isn't mobile friendly you run the risk of missing out on potential customers, appearing outdated, and hurting your site's SEO


Having a mobile friendly site means that when visitors access your site through phones or tablets, the site works well. Since people now access the internet more from their mobile devices than their desktop computers, a mobile friendly site gives you access to a huge number of potential customers and helps you serve them better.

How to Design a Great Mobile Friendly Site

People want quick answers to specific questions, so ease of use and friction reduction at touchpoints are incredibly important.

The rules of designing a great website are even more true for a mobile friendly site. Some of the more complex aspects of your regular website may not translate as well. It's about getting people the information they want, as quickly as possible. Potential customers won't take the time to try to navigate your website, they'll just return to the search results and go to one of your competitor's websites.

How Mobile Sites Affect SEO

Another major reason to have a mobile site is that not having one will negatively affect your SEO. The higher your search engine ranking, the better chance you have of customers visiting your site. Search engines now index mobile sites before desktop sites, so a site that loads slowly on a phone or that doesn't fit the screen of a tablet correctly, can have a major impact on your website's SEO.

Is it Worth It?
The cost and time required is relatively minimal, but the potential to move the needle is huge.

You may wonder if it's worth the extra effort to create a website optimized for mobile technology. The short answer – yes, it is. If your website doesn't translate well to a mobile device, you can also consider an app, but a mobile friendly site will almost always be cheaper than an app and some customers may not be willing to download an app.

A mobile friendly site keeps you from appearing outdated, improves your brand image, and is more convenient for customers.

Curious about how a mobile friendly site along will help you move the needle? Let's talk about if a mobile friendly site can help support your marketing strategy.

A website is an integral part of any marketing strategy. Lets talk about moving your company's needle by creating and implementing a comprehensive data driven marketing strategy.

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